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Re: PvP Event's by Patmop

Suares писал(а):"Wall to wall"
PvP Combat Event. The number of teams formed by the number of players. Level interval: 5-20 levels. All fights are held with the participation of eventera on one side. Balancing teams level can be accomplished by Eventmaker and can not be challenged by the players. Eventmaker reserves the right to exclude a player from the event in case of violation of rules / requirements for ignoring Eventmaker in balance teams.
Terms of battle:
1) Combat rules:
Teams compete with each other according to the conditions and rules. Conditions and rules include restrictions on the equipment used in combat.

2) Permitted gear :
2.1.Equipment: Any equipment that the player can take on the Storage in the city of Peaceville-41.
UPD: Leather armor and Camo suit (Initial) available for players up to level 7.
2.2.Weapons: available for use level 5 player.

Galil AR
Remingron M40
Remington 870
RPK ( is forbidden for players level 13 and above ) ( IMPORTANT )
PP-9 "Wedge"
Vz17. Scorpion
Revolver Nagant
2.3.Ammo: only the usual kinetic ammunition.
2.4.Medicine: First-aid kit and Medkit(white box).
2.5 Weapons Galil AR, the RPK modified by +1.

3) Forbidden to use :
3.1.Ammo with indices HF , CH , EM.
3.2.Any stims.
3.3. Field Medkits and above, as well as kits with the index M and Megadok.
3.4.Any armor and weapons are not suitable for the conditions of the opening event, including: Unique weapons (MP-40, PCA, Firefly, Triton, machine gun Maxim), grenades, mines, armor required for carrying skills (excluding item 2.1.UPD) , requiring all weapons to carry any other skill except for small arms: Newbie.
3.5.Modified gun Galil AR, the RPK and 2 above, any other weapon with a modification.
3.6 Desert Eagle pistols and Beretta 92. (unbalanced weapon for higher levels.)

The winner is the survivor team.

я очень дико извиниясь. а что это за дискриминация такая? новый ивент? а почему он "не для всех", или игра после въезда в стим перестала быть русской??? хрен редьки не слаще

аем нот спик инглиш :shame: :chimneysway:

Джим Батон

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Re: PvP Event's by Patmop

это просто перевод на англ того, что написано на первом листе) все тот же эвент стенка на стенку

Вернуться в Турниры и мини-игры

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